Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm not blogging here anymore. This account is associated with a Gmail email address that I no longer use cuz it got choked to death by spam... part my fault and part due to another person with a similar address that Gmail recognizes as 1 address so I get a lot of junk that other person signed up for as well as my own personal junk and junk I never asked for. So I'll be deleting that entire Google account which will close everything that name is associated with including this blog and my Gmail account.

That being said if anyone who is currently following me here wishes to continue doing so you can stop following this blog and start following me here:

I have already posted one entry and may soon post another. I don't know how frequently the mood to blog will be so don't expect regular posts all the time if at all. If following me still interests you then go for it. I will wait 1 week from today before closing the other account to hopefully give everyone a chance to see this post.